Managing an inclusive workplace is about being able to attract a diverse employee talent pool and appropriately supporting them once they are employed.

Inclusive workplaces are characterised by respect and where all individuals’ unique perspectives, ideas and contributions are recognised and valued.

Inclusive workplaces based on mutual respect and where all customers and employee’s unique skills, ideas and contributions are recognised and valued.

Helping you to manage diversity in the workplace.

Did you know that 1 in every 5 Australians has a disability of some description (ABS 2016), and the economic and social benefits of a disability inclusive workplace are substantial.

Businesses who are well-informed and capable of employing people and meeting the needs of customers with disability are often rewarded with many benefits, including:

  • Enthusiastic, long term employees and fewer absences, less recruitment and retraining costs for the business;
  • Competitiveness in procurement and tender processes;
  • Regular and loyal customers who value the support, actions and interest by the business in the provision of an inclusive business environment;
  • Improved staff morale, with a diverse workforce resulting in greater teamwork and cohesiveness;
  • Existing staff have confidence to disclose current or future disabilities;
  • Access to an untapped hidden talent pool; and
  • Community support for businesses that promote and demonstrate commitments to diversity as well as the many workplace culture and cost benefits.

Do you need a strategy to manage a diverse workplace?

The Include Program is here to help you. We can assist you with human resource policy review and re-design, staff training, Disability Access and Inclusion Plans, Feasibility Studies and grant sourcing and applications. Our organisation has been developed by three experienced professionals to provide practical, tailored solutions to address the challenges of managing a fully diverse workplace. Read more about us.